Intech constantly develops innovative solutions for heat and power generation.

Solar Trackers

Increases Electricity Output by 20%

Intech´s Single-axis Solar Tracker increases a photovoltaic system´s power output by up to 20% while requiring little investment. The Solar Tracker is appropriate for island systems as well as for grid-connected feed-in systems. Multiple Solar Trackers can be installed in parallel for larger solar farm applications.

The inclination of the solar tracker depends on the latitude of the location, and ranges from 0 to 30 degrees (horizontally). The Solar Tracker control unit calculates the position of the sun depending on the location and the time using either a GPS-receiver or an internet connection, so that no fragil sensors are needed. The lack of sensors and the 24V DC linear motor which orients the solar panels ensure minimal maintenance requirements. Additionally, the Single-axis Solar Tracker´s innovative three-leg design does not require a concrete foundation, making it a cost-effective, efficient solution that can be installed in just one day.

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