Our reliable photovoltaic (PV) systems allow you to benefit from a clean energy supply and to become independent from rising electricity costs. We specialise in commercial PV systems suitable for business, government and NGOs so understand how solar can benefit your organisation.


Roof-mounted PV Systems

Power your agricultural, commercial or public building

Our expertise with solar power includes roof-mounted systems. We have designed and installed solar PV system for roofs all over the world: Australia, Europe, India and North America, ranging from 30kW to 1MW. We create an optimal combination of panels and inverters for the client´s space in order to maximize the solar energy collected. Because customer care is of the utmost importance to us, we select the best modules and technology for the projects.

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Ground-mounted PV Systems

Photovoltaic Plant / Solar Farm

Intech designs solar farms of any size for off-grid or grid-connected purposes. Depending on the size of the off-grid system Intech combines the photovoltaic system with batteries, wind turbines, diesel generators or a combination of the mentioned options. Grid-connected and island solar farms from Intech are equipped with string inverters, thus reducing outage risk to a minimum and increasing redundancy. By not using concrete, rigid mounting systems decrease the costs and time needed for installation. Monitoring and optional Single-axis Tracking Systems assure optimal production.

Any solar plant from Intech is monitored. The plants' performance is continuously measured and production and error reports are sent to the operator. We handle your projects with the expertise and care needed to ensure successful and timely implementation.

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Solar Heating & Cooling

Water-based Heating & Cooling System powered by Renewables

Intech designs all-in-one water-based solar heating and cooling systems. It results in the process of producing energy with photovoltaic (PV) panels and subsequently running a heat pump to heat or cool down a building. The warm or cold water output flows through radiant ceiling panels to heat or cool the building. The main concept consists of running a heat pump during day time with solar PV energy. The resulting thermal energy is then stored in warm and cold water tanks in order to guarantee uninterrupted heating and cooling supply.

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