Intech constantly develops innovative solutions for heat and power generation.

Radiant Ceiling Panels

Solar Heating & Cooling

Intech developed Radiant Ceiling Panels based on the radiation principle in order to provide energy-efficient indoor climate solutions. The system enables the energy-transfer in the building through water, resulting in a substantial decrease of the amount of refrigerant needed for conditioning purposes. The principle of radiation allows an efficient distribution of temperature accross the room, saving up to 10% energy compared to a conventional heating systems. Our Radiant Ceiling Panels serve as the ideal solution for private and public buildings, the food industry/retail and food/cold storage.

Intech designs all-in-one water-based solar heating and cooling systems. It consists of a photovoltaic (PV) plant generating electricity throughout the day to run a reversible heat pump for heat- and cold-production. The thermal energy is then transfered to the building for conditioning with Radiant Ceiling Panels and also stored in thermal buffer tanks for usage in low- or no-sunshine hours. In times of no thermal energy demand, the produced electricity can be used for electric autoconsumption purposes.

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