In certain areas, grid-connection can be costly or common grid failures can interfere with a continuous power-supply. Intech provides clients with alternative energy systems that pay for themselves through energy savings. Gain independence through one of our off-grid energy solutions.


Off-Grid Systems

Self sufficient power supply anytime & anywhere

Intech provides turnkey solutions for off-grid applications. Off-grid/island systems generally consist of a renewable energy source, a battery bank and a back-up generator, when necessary. Depending on the site’s potential, sun and/or wind can be used as a primary energy source. Intech´s off-grid systems are containerised, modular, and scalable ultimately allowing us to customise a system for your power needs.

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Hybrid Systems

Efficient & reliable power supply

Diesel generators, although often essential are among the most expensive means of producing electric power and are responsible for a considerable portion of worldwide CO2 emissions. Intech´s off-grid hybrid systems utilise on-site renewable energies, including sunlight and/or wind to reduce the amount of conventional energy required.

Off-grid hybrid power systems function by combining photovoltaic solar and/or wind with diesel generators, batteries, wind turbines, or a combination of the mentioned options. Intech designs hybrid systems of any size to provide industrial consumers with reliable energy at a more cost-effective rate.

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Advantages of the Off-Grid Hybrid System

1Constant and Reliable Energy
Diesel gen set used in combination with the photovoltaic system, in order to provide constant and reliable energy generation for the customer
2Independence from Rising Energy Prices
Become independant from rising fuel prices and decrease your operating and maintenance costs
3Quality & Performance
Intech uses the highest quality products. There is no compromise for cheap buy in. We are an engineering company, technical performance and long-term economic success are the important factors for us.


Intech develops turnkey solutions for councils, communities and utilities that wish to increase the amount of renewable energy in the network, or even disconnect entirely. Intech works with councils and communities that are unable to access the network to develop a local mini-grid to improve access to electricity, thereby increasing reliability and reducing costs. We value social engagement, and develop systems that are sustainable, cost-effective, technically appropriate, and forward thinking for customer´s future needs.

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