Intech constantly develops innovative solutions for heat and power generation.

Floating Solar System

Your Solar Farm on Water

Intech developed a PE-module designed for floating PV systems. Such systems are intended to be installed on any water surface such as: quarry lakes, rivers, irrigation canals, or water reservoirs.

  • Cost-effective solution
    On average, Intech Floating PV Systems generate 5% more electricity than conventional systems thanks to the reflective properties of the water surface and a reduction in panel overheating through natural ventilation. In addition, water evaporation is diminished.
  • Easy to install and dismantle
    Structure can be assembled on the shore by clipping components together and sliding the structure into the water. The unique design allows for easy maintenance access via the integrated footbridge.
  • Compatible with standard PV-modules
  • Suitable for any size of installation / scalable system
  • Structural design approved to withstand rough conditions

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